Technically stating, awnings are secondary coverings that cling to the exterior walls of the building to accentuate their overall look. Awnings impart an aesthetic look to a building and it is mostly observed in homes that fall in line with that of Victorian era. However, modern décor also embraces the concept of awnings.

Now, if you are looking for awning designs to complement your exterior architecture, Falco Home Improvements can materialize your concept. At Falco Constructions, you will find a plethora of awning options in various assortments of shape, sizes and materials. Depending upon the existing wall structure, we recommend the most sustainable awnings that not just strike poise with the exterior walls but also stay durable for several years to come.

When it comes to selecting awnings, choice of materials is the first thing one should ponder on. Modern awnings are built to sustain the tolerance of the wind and confirm a firm juxtaposition with the exterior walls. Some of the basic types of awnings that you must be looking for are-

Window Awnings- There is a scientific reason why one must use a window awning, the most important being energy efficiency. It is said that the window awnings reduce the room temperature and hence put a check on your electricity bills. Falco Constructions offer window awnings in variety of shapes, sizes and materials.

Door Awnings- Door awnings not just enhance the look of your entrance door near the front porch, but also provide shelter from rain. At Falco Constructions, we provide awning options for all type of doors be it a French door or a sliding door.

Patio/Porch Awnings- Awnings serve as marvelous shelters to the seating areas at the front – i.e porch or patio. Available in wide gamut of shapes and sizes and plethora of designs, porch awnings accentuate the look of entrance areas.

Retractable Awnings- At Falco improvements, we offer a specific type of awning that can be extended over an open balcony when required or retracted back at times of rain. These awnings are less expensive than their superior counterparts and are easy to install. 

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