1. Customer asks:"why does Falco only design structures made from colourbond steel?
​Ben (Falco trades person) answer:

​" Yes, in most cases other materials can be used to design shade/ protection structures, these materials are slightly cheaper in price and to the untrained eye do the same thing as colour bond steel. It is Falco Home Improvements pledge that all structures designed and fitted by Falco are of the highest quality. colour bond steel is the only material Falco trusts in regards to the safety of your family and possessions, in extreme weather conditions. A estimate on the quality, durability, and strength of colour bond steel lies in where it is trusted and used in the most extreme of weather conditions. Colour bond steel is used mostly in building structures in Broome Australia. Broome experiences arguably the most extreme weather conditions in Australia, from thunderstorms and cyclones to extreme heat. colour bond steel is used religiously throughout Broome and is viewed as the only sensible option for building. Falco has a  guarantee on all colour bond structures to withstand any Australian weather condition, as we truly believe in the superior characteristics of the product. Falco does not favour using cheaper products, as the end strength and durability of these products are questionable as will be the now reputable Falco Home Improvements name.

2. customer asks:" Do you supply, do it yourself kits?
Ben answer:

Yes! Falco does supply kits, however it is probably a good idea to only order a
D.I.Y kit if you have experience in building and construction.
​Falco does not accept responsibility for any construction mishaps.