Types of patios -

A landscape or a backyard with ample space can be converted into a place to enjoy a cup of tea with friends and family.  Patios make the best seating areas. When it comes to patio design, type of flooring is the first thing that one needs to be concerned about. At Falco Home Improvements, we construct the most sustainable patios from the best materials. 

Natural Stone Patios –Natural stones like slate, sandstone and granite make the most appealing patios owing to their beauty and durability.

Brick Patio - For those who would not prefer spending on natural stones, brick patio is a cheaper option. Due to the availability of bricks in various ranges of colours and finishes, brick patios impart an attractive look to the landscapes.

Concrete Patio - Clay and concrete patios are also available in extensive range of shapes, sizes and designs. A lot of people go for concretes owing to their ability to replicate the look and feel of expensive stones.

Wooden Deck Patio - Wooden decks strike a good contrast with the green landscape and thus serve as one of the best patio options. These are not as expensive as the stones and the best part is that the installation is quite easier as compared to other materials. 



Types of Pergolas 


Whether you are aiming at a complete refurbishment of your home interiors/exteriors or just patio, pergolas or deck renovation, allow Falco Home improvements to transform your dreams into reality. At Falco Home Improvements, we follow the latest industry trends which intrinsically include selection of robust building materials to make a room for durability and sustainability without neglecting the overall aesthetic requirements. 


A shaded walkaway by the front lawn accentuates the aesthetics of the garden space provided at the front. For those who are gifted with open space at the front, pergolas are must do. At Falco Home improvements, we design the pergolas that serve both aesthetic as well as functional purpose. The shade structures are sustainable and if required, these can also allow the light to peek through. 

When it comes to the design, there are different styles and structures involved where each puts up a unique play when it comes to look and feel and functionality. Enlisted below are some of the basic pergola designs for your reference. We also do custom pergolas depending on the requirements of our customers. 

Close Top Pergolas – A sheltered area with a closed roof made of concrete, timber or glass are the instances of closed top pergolas. These structures block the sunrays or rain waters from penetrating down the sitting area.

Open Top Pergolas - Gazebos with no cladding at the roof are technically known as open top pergolas. Owing to the open top, these pergolas allow the air and sunlight to pass through and thus make amazing outdoor spaces to bask in.