Verandah Designs & Services, Sydney


Verandah is just another outdoor spot- an extension of the living space where one could simply relax or hang out with friends and family. Falco Home Improvements deals in full design and construction and complete installation of verandahs in Sydney.

Whether you are looking forward to convert just another space into a cosy verandah or want to get one built, Falco Home Constructions can provide you with the options that are in line with the latest design and décor trends.

As far as the design and layout is concerned, we either provide our own suggestions or if required indulge into a discussion with the client to materialize a space that is at par with their requirements and imaginations.

Here are some of the basic verandah designs that we have designed for our clients so far-

Flat Verandahs – Easy to construct and integrate in the existing system, flat verandahs are very common in Sydney homes.  These verandahs are simple and versatile unlike others. The verandah interiors may follow traditional or contemporary design as per choice. Porch is an example.

Curved Verandahs - Featuring a convex canopy with clean curves, curved verandahs are the state-of-the-art addition to the existing home architecture. These verandahs make your exteriors look flattering.

Pergola Style Verandahs - For those who could not compromise with open air and sunlight, Pergola style verandahs can add a style statement to their exteriors. This can be a standalone structure or an extension to the porch.

Gazebos - Gazebo style verandahs are usually standalone structures that are recognized by their charismatic design which imparts a mindblowing aesthetics to the space around. Gazebos serve as amazing seating spaces.For more info about verandahs installations , give us a call or write us to ben@falcohomeimprovements.com.au .